Guests and Appearances

Here's the who's-who of our guests and a list of show's we've had the pleasure of being on.

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Nigel Francis

  • Robot x Laserbeam


Dan Pecora

  • Beast Children


Najee AKA Kami-Jace - The Weekly Cooldown


  • Guardian of the Witch


Jakey - A Podcast most Fowl


  • Dark Mage


Audrey - Pod of Greed


  • SWOT


Gabe Robinson

  • Samurai 8


Fello - The Shonen Fiasco Show


  • Mashle


Sarah Hedrych

  • Bone Collection


Tom Weekes

  • Mitama Security: Spirit Busters



  • Stealth Symphony


Chris - Playcomics


  • Time Paradox Ghost Writer 


James Mitchell

  • Chainsaw Man


Tre Watson - Musician

  • Hungry Joker


Dan Harrison

  • Barrage


Alex Ptak- Ballin Out Super, Pod Damn America, Theater of Delights

@PtakTestKitchen, @BallinOutSuper, @PodDamnAmerica, @Delights Theater

  • Tokyo Shinobi Squad


Andrew- ARGonauts, Podcast Mines

@ARGonautsPod, @ThePodcastMines

  • Ne0;lation


Riley Hopkins- Bed Bath and Bionicle, Podcast Mines


  • B.Ichi


Midnight X Cross


  • Oumagadoki Zoo


Stephen Paul- Viz, One Piece Podcast

@translatosaurus, @onepiecepodcast

  • Our Blood Oath


Koltreg AKA Luke 

  • Moriking 


Hassan- The Nerd Alternative


  • Double Arts 


Tucker WhatleyShonen Flop Staff

  • Cool Shock BT


Megan Danger- Oh No, Lit Class!


  • Phantom Seer 


Grant- Chip & Ironicus


  • High School Family 


Jake Mason- The Morphin Grid


  • Zipman!! (Relook)


Lauren O’Neill- Sunday School Dropouts


  • Godspeed 


Shaun- Anime Out of Context


  • Teenage Renaissance! David


Zane Golia


  • Hell Warden Higuma 


Maxibajillion- Pod of Greed, Wow Cool Robot


  • i tell c 


Mitch- Talkin Anime Podcast

@MitchBergeronVA, @talkinanimenet

  • Red Sprite 


Geoff Thew- Mother’s Basement


  • Look Back 


Tim Batt - The Worst Idea of All Time

@Tim_Batt, @TWIOATpod

  • Double Taisei 


Derek - Deal With the Devils Podcast, The Good Friends Anime Club

@Greatbigsword, @Devilbatpod, @Goodfriendscast 

  • Build King 


Chip Cheezum- Chip & Ironicus

@chipcheezum, @chipcheezumlp

  • Candy Flurry 


Reborn Pyro- Shreddit Podcast


  • Bokke-san 


Zander Cannon- Kaijumaxx, Top 10


  • Monster Tamer Girls 


Alissa Sallah- Weeaboo


  • The Hunters Guild: Red Hood 


Joey Weiser - One Piece Podcast


  • Hard-Boiled Cop and Dolphin 


Dylan- Anime Out of Context


  • Neru: Way of the Martial Artist


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The One Piece Podcast: Episode 709, “Maha Blast” (with @ShonenFlopCast)

Bizarre Podcast: Dogs Must Die: Dogs Must Die - Episode 24: Nothing Bad Ever Happens To Me

A Smashing Theory: Episode 84 - NICKELODEON ALL-STAR BRAWL

AniBuddies: Bonus Episode Wolf Children

Blake and Spencer Get Jumped: Oral History [Thus Spoke Kishibe Rohan]

Chef Byers: Check out his Twitch!

Kicking Stones: Current arc discussions feat

My Hero Academia Podcast: MHAP 150- Anime 92, Chap 309

Play Comics: Fist of the North Star

Play Comics: Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure

Pod of Greed: 75: Paging Dr. Muto

Pod of Greed: 131: Exodia, EJACULATE!!!

SHREDDIT: Zoro is Racist?! | r/Onepiece

Simping for Senpai: Star Wars, Wages and Hunter X Hunter

Simping for Senpai: Toei Animation vs. TotallyNotMark

Talkin' Anime: Talkin' Yamcha Isekai

The Shonen Fiasco Show: Episode 3: Zipman!!

Thinking Critically: Items

We Get Dubbed: MD Geist

Weekly Cooldown: Episode 100 - We Should Have Bought Cake

TV Trivia Pod: 82 Marvel Trivia: Thor 2: The Dark World w/ Shonen Flop

Cinematic Underdogs: 57. Yowamushi Pedal (2013)